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it takes a culture

We know it takes more than science and technology to create change and make a gigaton impact. It takes people. That's why we are investing in a people-first culture. We're in this together. Let's build.

Brimstone carbon-negative cement lab
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We are solving hard problems, and we believe the best way to solve them is to cultivate a culture of openness, kindness and support. 

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Diversity is essential to unlocking the solutions to our greatest climate challenges. Diversity is our strength in all ways.

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radical creativity

We believe in creative problem-solving and the radical idea that nothing is impossible. 

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deep work

We are solving challenging problems which require deep understanding, flow states and striving for excellence.

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We believe in open communication, encouragement and supportive feedback.

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health & happiness

We are all humans here and are here for the long run. Make sure to do what’s best for you: take care of yourself, do work from home, take days off, take vacation, use our health plans so that you feel good and are excited to come to work.

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