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a climate-positive world is built on a carbon-negative foundation

Brimstone was born from a mission to decarbonize one of the most produced materials on the planet: cement.


Our founders Cody Finke and Hugo Leandri met at Caltech, where they began working on solutions to some of the world’s most overlooked environmental problems.


The cement industry has long been considered one of the most challenging to decarbonize, with most emissions coming from its main ingredient, limestone.

Cody and Hugo believed that in order to successfully decarbonize cement, their product would need to be chemically and physically identical to the ordinary portland cement that builders everywhere know and trust. The process would need to be carbon-neutral or negative, and cost-competitive at scale.

The Brimstone team developed a breakthrough carbon-negative process that produces the same cement and supplementary cementitious materials used today.


These materials have the same quality and performance builders have used for over 150 years, but with a key difference: on net, our process removes carbon dioxide out of the air instead of putting it in.


Now, we are focused on scaling our solution—and transforming the cement industry from climate problem to climate hero.


We are a team of scientists, problem solvers, engineers and innovators working together to build a better climate future.

board & advisors

Our board members and advisors bring expertise in scaling early-stage ventures in the climate, materials and deep tech sectors.

proudly backed by leaders in climate tech


join the team

Join our mission to decarbonize the cement industry and cut global emissions. We're hiring amazing people motivated to make a gigaton impact to come build the future with us.

Brimstone carbon-negative cement lab
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