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A climate-positive world is built

on a carbon-negative foundation

introducing the first carbon-negative process for making portland cement

We can transform the cement industry from climate problem to climate solution. Cement is one of the most used materials on the planet. It's also a huge source of global emissions. 

Over 4 billion tons of cement are produced each year—a number only expected to grow. The problem is that cement production accounts for 7.5% of global
CO2 emissions, with a total climate impact just behind cars. In fact, if the cement industry were a country, it would be the third-largest emitter in the world.

We're here to change this with our breakthrough carbon-negative process for making ordinary portland cement. It’s the same material builders have relied on for 150 years, now with a positive climate impact.


The Brimstone Process™ is carbon-negative, removing CO2 from the air.

low cost

The Brimstone Process™ is cost-competitive at scale.

zero trade-offs 

The Brimstone Process™ makes portland cement (ASTM C150), the standard cement for construction today.

we are a climate tech company working on the most impactful solutions for the industrial sector


To make the greatest impact for the climate, entire industries need to transform—fast. That’s no easy task, but that's why we started Brimstone. We're a team of scientists, problem-solvers, engineers, innovators, and builders on a mission to solve the hardest climate problems and accelerate the evolution of critical industries for the climate era in an economically competitive way. We’re starting with cement.  



bench-scale validation


pilot plant

In progress

commercial demonstration plant

Securing advance commitments


Coming soon

join the team

Join our mission to decarbonize the cement industry and cut global emissions. We're hiring amazing people motivated to make a gigaton impact to come build the future with us.

Brimstone carbon-negative cement lab

let's build

We are working with industry leaders and other key partners to scale and maximize our impact on climate change. Interested in joining the fight? We’d love to talk.

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