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We're on a mission to decarbonize cement 

We're on a mission to decarbonize the cement industry. Increased concentrations of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere pose a risk to the livelihoods of all living things on earth.

We became increasingly concerned about global warming through our work on water treatment and water scarcity in low-income countries while scientists at Caltech. Together, we decided to devote our careers to work on, invent, and scale processes that could mitigate and revert the effects of climate change. Through our work, we have found that working on cement is the biggest lever that we as founders have capacity and temperament to work on to make a more equitable world.

Our mission is to eliminate industrial greenhouse gas emissions by developing technologies to help industries transition faster to carbon-neutrality and this starts with cement.

In order to decarbonize the cement industry on a timescale that will avoid the worst aspects of climate change we believe three things are necessary:

  • We need to make the exact same material and that is Portland cement

  • The process must produce the cement material at a lower-cost or at least cost-parity compared to the conventional process

  • Even when a fossil-fuel is used to power the process, the process needs to be substantially lower emissions than conventionally produced cement, which means carbon-neutral but preferably carbon-negative

We are incredibly excited that, to the best of our knowledge, our process meets this criteria, but process is only necessary, not sufficient. To actually do this, we need a world class team to get there.


Come and join us in our mission!

Cody & Hugo

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